About Us 

The CANDY lab is a team of researchers and clinicians focused on understanding how the neurobiological systems underlying our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors change over the course of adolescent development. Our research focuses specifically on how experiences and perceptions of stress play a role in shaping adolescent brain development, and how these changes contribute to the risk of depression and other related conditions (i.e., anxiety, suicidality). 

We use a suite of clinical neuroscience tools to answer our research questions. Our primary research tools are non-invasive multimodal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based techniques that probe brain metabolism and delineate structural brain patterns associated with stress and depression in adolescents. We also collect blood samples to examine markers of immune functioning and oxidative stress. More recently, we are partnering with Ksana Health to link data from wearables (e.g., smartphones) with brain imaging patterns in order to better understand adolescent health and behaviors outside of the laboratory.

Participate in a Study

Our current study, the TIGER study seeks to understand the roles of inflammation and glutamate on behavioral and neural phenotypes of depression in adolescents. We use blood samples and neuroimaging to characterize the structural and functional architecture of networks implicated in depression.

If you/your child are experiencing depression and about to start an antidepressant treatment and want to become involved as a participant, click here: TIGER Study Interest Form

If you/your child do NOT have a history of psychiatric or inflammatory conditions and want to become involved as a participant, click here: TIGER Study Interest Form